Scan2x manages network bandwidth utilisation


Compliance is enhanced using inbuilt ICAO-compliant passport and ID Card checking


Multiple user authentication methods create maximum security during digitisation


Enable intelligent document capture at source, maximising efficiency


Central Scan2x system configuration makes roll-outs of configuration changes and updates easy.


Users require zero training to digitise documents using Scan2x

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About Scan2x

Scan2x is an intelligent document-capture solution that brings the power of professional scanning applications within reach of every user in an organisation.

By simply pressing one button, users choose scan jobs that perform complex tasks with zero training.

Furthermore, Scan2x can prompt the user for confirmation or additional information at scan time based on the data in the document being scanned.

Intelligent document recognition means that it is able to detect and interpret specific regions and process accordingly, and workflows can use rules to route multiple outputs to different destinations automatically.

Intelligent scanning software without the complexity

Focus on your business while the Scan2x captures your documents. Advanced technology automatically applies the right settings, recognises key data and transfers it, making it ideal for optimising efficiency without extra training.


Accuracy & Automation

Onboarding documents can be tedious and can result in human error. Scan2x automatically recognizes documents, verifies the details, and forwards them to the relevant department. Simply drop the document into any scanning device, scan, and walk away.



With Scan2x, your documents can be traced back to the person that entered them into your system. Today’s businesses face stringent regulatory checks; this makes your system completely intuitive, transparent and traceable.



How quickly could you access last year’s forecast figures, or your phone bills from 2012? Instantly! Scan2x automatically organises where and how your documents are filed, making it easy for you to track them down when you need them.



Scan2x takes decision-making out of the scanning process by doing all the thinking for you. Simply select the job you wish to do, and the automatic settings will determine everything from scanner settings to that document’s next destination.



Whatever your business process, Scan2x can be tailored to meet the intricate requirements of a multi-national, financial institution, or paired right down to suit the needs of a small online start-up.



Scan2x can be taught to recognise anything, from identity documents to bank statements and invoices, through built-In OCR, Forms Recognition, QR Code and Barcode Recognition, and Cheque MICR Functionality. Scan2x just keeps on learning.

Scan2x Interface


Active Directory integration
Intelligent batch splitting
Integration with DMS, Sharepoint, FTP, databases, web services, email etc
Multiple simultaneous outputs
Full activity audit for compliance and security
ID/Passport scan, expiry date, tamper checking
Comprehensive scan workflows for automated distribution
Form line-item extraction (e.g. invoices)
Intelligent document type recognition
Optical Mark Recognition (for exam auto-grading, surveys etc.)
Network fault tolerance (works when disconnected)
High-performance PDF compression
Monitor folders and email boxes to automatically process incoming documents*

*Requires Scan2x Workload Server licence

Full details and specifications on the product brochure.

Who we’ve helped

Scan2x is in use worldwide banks, insurance, manufacturing, aviation, health, education, government, immigration and more.

APS Bank

APS Bank

At APS Bank we have implemented various customised document-scanning applications to add value and interface with their core banking system, when scanning bank cheques, customer Identification Cards and Passports. We have also installed PlanetPress Connect, a variable data printing solution that works in the background, to enhance and enrich their bank statement delivery via print, email or their online banking systems and ATM machines.


Armed Forces of Malta

The Human Resources department of the AFM selected Therefore™ Document Management and Avantech to help them take control of their growing physical paper archive and provide a secure disaster recovery solution. HR-related documentation is now available securely across the full AFM network to those users who have the necessary security clearance.

Bank of Valletta

Bank of Valletta

Bank of Valletta have embarked upon a bank-wide project to  involve document and information management technology in every aspect of business to improve on their customer service, internal audit and compliance, data protection and security requirements. With a combination of the standard features of the Therefore™ DMS and customised software developed by Avantech, we have integrated Information Management seamlessly into the Bank’s workflow. Networked stations in every branch and business unit across the country ensure consistency, accountability and security for all documents entering the banks’ document workflows. For further information on this installation, click here to view BOV’s case study published by Canon.


Burlo’ Fleri-Soler and Associates

All areas of the Legal profession generate large amounts of paper documents, and the Notarial sphere is no exception. In embracing Avantech’s document management solutions, this leading firm has implemented full document management functionality within their offices, allowing full-text searches across all their clients’ documents, and complete remote access via smartphone and tablets. Physical filing cabinets no longer occupy large amounts of expensive office space, and all documents are protected against loss and damage.

Clawson logo

Long Clawson Dairy (UK)

As a leading producer of traditional British cheese for over 100 years, Long Clawson Dairy have implemented very strict quality control procedures throughout their manufacturing process. These procedures are meticulously documented, checked and audited. The Avantech Scan2x scanning solution has enabled the streamlining of this very important process, including seamlessly linking to back-end IT systems for document classification and storage.

Cortex logo

Cortex Ltd

Cortex Ltd use our Document Management solution to store, index and retrieve all documentation related to outgoing invoices and purchases.

ESE logo

European School of English (ESE)

ESE have chosen Scan2x as their capture technology of choice for student exam papers. Using Scan2x, staff members submit batches of multiple-choice exam answer sheets and Scan2x automatically interprets and scores each sheet. Furthermore, it then produces score summaries by student, class and paper in Microsoft Excel format for analysis and further processing. Finally, Scan2x sends each document, correctly indexed, into ESE’s central document repository.

Falzon Group logo

Falzon Group

Falzon Group use Scan2x to manage and facilitate the daily capture of all their documentation relating to their oil management and distribution businesses. By reducing the task of scanning and indexing complex documentation to a one-click action, Scan2x has allowed the Falzon Group to scan documents at the beginning of the business process thereby unleashing the power of digital document workflow systems and quick document search.

Gasan Group logo

Gasan Group

The Gasan Group is one of Malta’s largest commercial organisations. Their finance department is using our scanning and document management solutions to store, index, retrieve and secure the large number of accounting documents, contracts and other important documentation generated daily.

Global Capital Plc Logo

Global Capital Plc

Global Capital use Scan2x as part of their document imaging strategy going forward, as Scan2x allows every staff member to authenticate and scan in a quick, easy and secure manner while ensuring that documents are scanned consistently and accurately every time.

GO Plc

GO Plc

GO are using Therefore™ to make seven million digitised copies of their customer contracts and related correspondence immediately retrievable by the staff in their outlets, over a secure web browser link. The contracts are full-text searchable, and every access is audited.

Identity Malta Agency

Identity Malta Agency

Identity Malta is the Malta Government’s agency tasked with managing the registration of Maltese citizens, expatriates, land and immovable property, the public registry, passports, residence visas and identity cards. Such onerous responsibilities require a proven document and asset management system capable of providing effective business continuity, disaster recovery, and workflow functionality for documents. Therefore™ DMS was selected because it matches all of these criteria.

MaltaPost Plc Logo

MaltaPost plc

MaltaPost use our scanning technologies, the Therefore™ Document Management systems and our auto-indexing and billing systems to manage the provision of services to their clients, in the fields of records management, bulk scanning and document storage. In providing a comprehensive suite of tools that seamlessly interlink throughout their various processes, we have enabled cost-saving efficiencies and new business opportunities not previously possible.

Mizzi Organisation logo

Mizzi Organisation

Mizzi Organisation have entrusted us with their huge document digitisation and automation project to link their entire group to one central document automation and storage repository. Using a network of Scan2xs and the Therefore™ Document Management System, they are rolling out a state-of-the-art document workflow structure, integrating with all the various ERP systems in every company, to create one unified management structure with group-wide analytics and true searchability while remaining fully secured.

MZ Investment Services Logo

MZ Investment Services

MZ Investments utilise Therefore™ Document Management as part of their core Portfolio Management System (PMS) another Avantech product. Avantech’s PMS greatly facilitates the management of clients’ investment portfolios by tracking securities & cash, generating reporting, and ensuring compliance. The interfacing of Therefore™ DMS to this system has been a massive value-multiplier, and MZ Investments benefit from the use of an industry-leading document management system as part of their daily processes.

P Cutajar logo

P Cutajar

P Cutajar & Co ‘s finance department use the Therefore™ DMS to store and quickly search through high volumes of invoice documents via full text indexing. Scanning of these documents is handled by Scan2x in a completely automated process.

Public Registry of Notes

Public Registry of Notes

The Malta Public Registry of Notes is responsible for the management and production of official Notarial Searches for the Government of Malta. The production of Notarial Searches are an essential and mandatory step in the execution of any asset-related contract in Malta. We were engaged to provide a complete end-to-end storage, research and billing system for the fifty million plus pages in the archives dating back to the 1850s. A combination of Therefore™ Document Management, Scan2x and a series of custom interfaces and processes is transforming the way this essential function of national importance is performed.

RentAStore Logo


Together with staff from RentAStore, we were able to design a bespoke application to handle their back-office requirements for billing and the provision of their various services to clients, including a we-based client portal.

Robert Arrigo & Sons Logo

Robert Arrigo & Sons

By using Therefore™ DMS to store and retrieve documents relating to their clients’ bookings, Robert Arrigo & Sons have achieved their goals for disaster recovery and business continuity. By integrating their client reservations systems and financial package with Therefore™, they continue to add value to these systems by improving document-sharing and workflow.

St James Hospital Logo

St James Hospital

St James Hospitals (Libya) operate three fully-fledged private, medical facilities in the center of Tripoli, Libya. These include hospital and a separate state of the art dental unit. The company has also recently invested in one of the most modern Hospital Management System (HMS) solutions available today, and required a robust, comprehensive document-scanning solution that could interface seamlessly with the HMS while providing all the scanning intelligence required to render document scanning automatic. We provided the solution to this requirement in the form of Scan2xs at each site.

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